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Areca Nut Leaf Salad Bowl

Areca Nut Leaf Salad Bowl

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Sustainable & Eco-Friendly salad bowls crafted from sustainably sourced, naturally-discarded Areca Nut Leaves, this product is both eco-friendly and compostable. Disposable & Compostable! Perfect alternative to plastic or Styrofoam.
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Product Specs

Raw Material

Fallen & dried Areca Nut Leaves, Water & High-heat


D305 x H65 mm


80 gram per PC

Product SKU

3 PC: PL20-1005NT

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How It's Made

Naturally fallen leaves are collected, washed and then put through a high-heat mould and pressed to shape. Before packaging, they are UV-sterilized and ready for the table.

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By purchasing Areca Nut Leaf products you are supporting the livelihood of an entire village.

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