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What does EcoSouLife stand for?

EcoWe’re an environmentally conscious company on a mission to deliver guilt-free disposable and reusable alternatives to the plastic and foam, which clogs our landfills and waterways.
Soul: We are a growing team of passionate, eco-ambassadors inspired to protect what we hold sacred for the greener good of the planet. Being eco-conscious not only comes from our Soul, it’s our way of Life.
Life: For our vision to become a reality, we know our offering needs to be as dynamic as our lifestyles are.

Where do I go for customer support?

Call: +61 3 9544 7066

In Person: Unit 13/42-44 Garden Blvd, Dingley Village VIC 3172

Instant Queries: Leave us a message on: Facebook or Instagram

Can I become a Reseller or a Distributor?

We would love to explore the opportunity of collaborating with you! Please visit the contact us page and fill in the required fields with as many details as possible so we can understand your enquiry and direct it to the right representative.

Can you do co-branding or custom products?

We do. Please e-mail us ( with information about your requirements. We will then get back to you with the availability, minimum order and quote.

Can I get a volume discount on bulk orders?

Please e-mail ( or call (+61 3 9544 7066) with detailed information about your quantities, requirements and desired products.

Knowledge Bank

What are the effects of Plastic?

Certain plastic will only start decomposing after 700 years and will only be fully decomposed in 1,000 years. This means that all the plastic that has ever been produced has only really just started breaking down. Nearly two thirds of the plastic produced yearly around the world is discarded. Not only is recycling not a sustainable solution, the process of recycling the small fraction of overall plastic creates more atmospheric waste. Harmful chemicals leached by plastics are present in the bloodstream and tissues of nearly every person, including new-borns. Animals deal with the burden of plastic in different ways, such as being tangled in it and swallowing it. This can result in many injuries, limit their movement and can result in death.

Long story short, if we do not stop using plastic our actions will impact future generations ability to access pure fresh air, clean water and possibly our planet.
However, there is no Planet B so we need to do everything we can to save the one we have!

What are the effects of Polystyrene?

Polystyrene (EPS) is used extensively in the manufacture of everyday items such as bowls, plates, cups and packaging.  EPS is an end product, it cannot be turned into different products, only recycled as itself and even then, only certain configurations of the material can be recycled. 

There are lots of serious environmental and health concerns associated with EPS (also commonly referred to as Styrofoam, which is actually a brand name).  In landfills EPS breaks down into small pieces and is carried by the wind into the ocean and distributed through the environment. Marine animals and birds mistake these white pieces of EPS as food causing a whole chain of events that eventually affects our health and the planet. When we eat marine life that feed on toxic EPS, we are also taking in these harmful chemicals to our bodies. Many countries have already banned the use of Styrofoam and many more are ready to switch to biodegradable and compostable products due to the many environmental impacts which have been caused by using these materials for so long.

Visit our blog to learn more about human impact on our environment!

Why switch to Biodegradable & Compostable Products?

With the invention of plastic and Styrofoam in the 1940s we have been creating more and more non-biodegradable waste, it’s mounting up in our landfills and now finding it’s way into our oceans and waterways, leading wildlife and sea animals to feed on this waste, in turn we are taking in harmful chemicals when we consume meat, fish and vegetables who live and grow in the environment.  We have created so much waste that an island has started to form in the Pacific Ocean, it has been named the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

A change in the products and packaging we use is required and this is where biodegradable and compostable products come in to play.  By selecting more biodegradable and compostable options, we are leaving behind less of a mark than we would with plastic of polystyrene.

What does Biodegradable mean?

Biodegradable means an object or substance is able to decay naturally and in a way that is not harmful to the environment. This process is done without adding any chemicals to aid the decay, the time over which an object breaks down will depend on the amount of oxygen, humidity rate and temperature present in the surrounding environment.

What does Compostable mean?

Compostable means that the product is capable of disintegrating into natural element in a compost environment, leaving no toxicity in the soil. This differs to biodegradable as it refers specifically to organic matter which breaks down and leaves behind natural benefits. 

What happens if I leave a ESL product out in nature?

It will biodegrade or compost! Unlike the harmful plastic and Polystyrene (commonly referred to as Styrofoam) everyone has been using for decades, our products are made of natural materials. EcoSouLife products are made to leave no trace and return back to the environment. Our aim so to create a product from waste, not create more waste by creating a product!

What is Industrial Composting?

Industrial composting provides a more controlled environment and conditions for products to break down.  Where we would simply throw food scraps or products in the garden or compost bin, Industrial composting ensures that the product has the correct level of exposure to specific conditions enabling it to break down.

What coating does EcoSouLife use compared to other brands?

EcoSouLife always opt for the eco-friendly coating option including water-based or natural coating and where possible we avoid coating at all!

There are a few brands that use PE/Plastic coating. As only Western Australia has changed the regulations to ban plastic cups, all other states still allow using plastic cups and lids. Changes will probably come into place from 2024 onwards.

Product Care

Will the product biodegrade in cupboard or my RV?

Of course not! The biodegrading process only begins when the products are exposed to constant changes of weather, lack of oxygen, humidity and a build-up of bacteria or when buried in the ground. Meaning that some of our products can be reused as many times as you would like before being disposed of.

Do I put the products in landfill or recycling?

In Australia, the answer differs from council to council, checking with your local council on what can be taken in and what cannot will provide you with the best answer.  Also checking your local state or county websites for recycling and waste centres can be a great help.

For PLA products, the best solution for end-of-life is recycling. This is over 50 times better than composting and 16 times better than combusting PLA.

What is the shelf life of ESL products?

EcoSouLife reusable products do not have a shelf life. They can be stored for as long as required. The products will not decompose in your cupboard or storage. For our disposable range we will be sure to specify if there is a shelf life.

What is the best way to clean ESL products?

Our All Natural and Rice Husk reusable ranges are dishwasher safe. If you are looking to maximise the life of your products,we recommend to hand wash the products in warm water with soap and then allow to air dry.  Our Areca Nut, Harvest and Cornstarch products are disposable, single-use products and as such should not be cleaned.

Are there any hazardous materials or chemicals in ESL products?

We use only natural materials and aim to create our products out of waste rather than make more waste by making a product! 

Are the products microwave safe?

Some products can be used in the microwave however, please follow the instructions as directed on the product packaging or as per the product page on our site. 

Are the products dishwasher safe?

Our All Natural and Rice Husk reusable ranges are dishwasher safe, placing in the top shelf is recommended. Be sure to follow the recommendations on your product and packaging.

If you are looking to maximise the life of your products, we recommend to hand wash the products in warm water with soap and then allow to air dry.  Other ranges are disposable options and therefore should not be washed. 

There are small/tiny black or white dots on my products, is it normal?

Since our products are made of natural material this spotting is unavoidable. Small dots might appear on the product however, this should not be of concern at all as it is natural and is not harmful to you!

Some customers have mentioned they are fine with this as it adds to the natural product look. You can simply continue to use the product as per normal.

Orders & Delivery

My order was damaged in transit, what should I do?

Please reach out to us as soon as you receive the item.

Contact our customer service team Include an image of the broken productAttach your proof of purchaseInclude your delivery address

We will review the information and reply to you as soon as possible.

What is the warranty of my ESL products?

We do not offer any warranty on breakage or misuse of products. We offer warranty on factory defects. If your item was damaged during delivery, please contact us as soon as possible and share your order details.One of our representatives will reach out and let you know if we need anything further. 

What is the return/exchange policy?

As our products are food related, we do not accept returns or exchanges for opened products. If, however, the product is unopened, a return/exchange must be done within 30 days of purchase date, please note there is a 25% restocking fee on all returns. Furthermore, shipping costs will need to be paid for by the customer.

If you would like to discuss a return please e-mail or call +61 3 9544 7066. 

Can I order an item that is currently out of stock?

Please e-mail ( or call (+61 3 9544 7066) for more information about items that are not currently in stock & to add your order on back order.