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We offer products made from a wide range of materials that are perfect alternatives, to the ordinary plastics, ceramics, or glass tableware we are all tragically used to.

Our range comes in two main types

Disposable products intended for single use purposes.
products for the long term


Areca Nut Leaf Range

Compostable in 90-180 days.

Made from naturally-fallen Areca-Nut Leaves.
Leaves are collected, washed, heated, pressed & sterilized.
Perfect for events, BBQs or catering.

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Harvest Range

Home Compostable in 30-90 days

Made from Wheat-straw, Bamboo pulp and Sugarcane

Prevents usual burning practice that causes pollution

Heat & Cold resistant | Food Safe

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ESL Cornstarch Raw Material, Saved Wastage and pollution that is converted into an eco-friendly material for tableware.

Cornstarch Range

Made from Cornstarch & PP

Heat & Cold resistant | Durable and leak proof

A better alternative to 100% plastic products.

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ESL Sugarcane Raw Material, The wasted and dried material is taken and turned into eco-friendly and bio tableware.

Sugarcane Range

Compostable in industrial facility

Made from Sugarcane Waste

Cold Resistant | Natural Colouring
Perfect alternative to plastic and paper solutions

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ESL Sustainable Birch Wood Material, Used to make eco-friendly compostable and biodegradable cutlery and Plates.

Birch Wood Range

Biodegradable & Compostable

Made from Birch Wood

Heat & Cold resistant | FSC Certified
Alternative to plastic, paper and silverware.

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All Natural Range

Biodegrades in 2-3 years

Made from Corn, Soybean and natural waste.

Dishwasher & Microwave safe | Bright and colourful
Perfect healthy alternative to plastic

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ESL Rice Husk Material, Converting wastage into biodegradable eco-friendly tableware and cookware.

Rice Husk Range

Biodegrades in 2-3 years

Made from Rice Husks.

Dishwasher & Microwave safe | Smooth and elegant
Perfect alternative to clay, porcelain and glass.

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