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Bamboo Side Plate

Bamboo Side Plate


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Side Plate 8", Bamboo

Made from vegetable matter of bamboo and cornstarch, this contemporary, stylish and durable range offers a variety of outdoor and lifestyle items.  Once buried in the ground, these products will dissolve back into the earth.
Raw Materials – Bamboo pulp
Perfect for outdoor and indoor use
A great alternative to plastic-ware

8" Side plates are available in Green, Sand, Orange, Pink, Charcoal, Navy


    • Reusable

    • Made from Natural Material

    • Dishwasher Safe

    • Heat Resistant

    • Withstand up to 120°c (248°F)

    • BPA Free

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Product Specs

Raw Material

Bamboo Fiber, Starch & Melamine. Natural colour pigment



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