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Wooden Straws

Wooden Straws

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Take a sip on the eco-responsible side with Wooden Straws. Crafted from sustainable wood, lasting up to 24 hours in a drink without becoming a soggy mess. And when you're done, they're compostable, so you can conveniently kiss those plastic straws goodbye - without a trace. Eco-chic meets effortless convenience!

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Product Specs

Raw Material

Sustainably sourced & FSC certified Okoume Wood


D60 or D120 x 1970mm


2 gram per PC

Product SKU

100 PC (6mm) : WOS22-0460, 2000 PC (6mm) : WOSFS22-0460, and 1000 PC (12mm) : WOSFS22-0461

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ESL Sustainable Birch Wood Material, Used to make eco-friendly compostable and biodegradable cutlery and Plates.

How It's Made

We use FSC certified responsibly sourced timber! Replace ordinary plastic with these natural and sustainable wooden replacements.

Our products are designed to biodegrade when buried or left behind in nature.

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