Did You Know?

ESL Cons of using plastic and why it needs to be replaced. Plastic is terrible!


Plastic takes 450 years to break down

An average Adult uses 20,000 plastic bags in his lifetime.

73% of beach litter worldwide is plastic.

ESL Glass in our environment and how it isnt a suitable aternative eco-friendly material. Why you need to ditch glass now!


Glass needs over 1 million years to break down

300 glass bottles and jars are used by every family each year.

Construction glass ends up in the landfill.

ESL Styrofoam an humans worst enemy! Styrofoam needs to be stopped as its the wrost for our mother nature and environment. Ditch Styrofoam now.


Styrofoam is non-biodegradable and non-recyclable

Styrene leaches into Foods and Drinks served in Styrofoam containers.

Styrofoam fills up to 30% of the landfill space.