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All Natural Cutlery Set

All Natural Cutlery Set

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Reusable & Biodegradable 3PC Cutlery Set made of natural materials.

Perfect for any house, caravan or camping trip! Reusable for as long as needed and then easily returns to nature.

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Product Specs

Raw Material

Cornstalk, Bamboo, Melamine and Soybean Waste. All Natural colour pigment



Product SKU

1 PC (Charcoal): AN19-0014C, 1 PC (Green): AN19-0014G, 1 PC (Navy): AN19-0014N, 1 PC (Orange): AN19-0014O, 1 PC (Pink): AN19-0014P, and 1 PC (Sand): AN19-0014S

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How It's Made

Cornstalk, bamboo and soybean waste is collected and chopped up very fine. Using the powder combined with melamine the final product is produced. Creating a better alternative to regular plastics.

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